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IT Consultancy
IT Consultancy is one of the many services that eAhead offers. We have four major consultancy service areas. Corporate, small and mid size business, specials, developers and students are the consultancy targets


Corporate Consultancy

  • Corporate companies that want to make better use of technology need to strategize carefully on their technology selection and companies they hire for their ever-changing technology needs. eAhead have the experience and knowledge to guide corporate companies on how to go about their technology needs. We have worked with many Ethiopian Software companies and we know what their strength and weaknesses are, therefore we can make assessments on companies whose services may be required. Additionally we introduce the appropriate technologies that a corporate company requires. For different reasons, software companies prefer to use technologies that simplify their development effort, which is most of the time not fitting for their customer needs. We can trace these problems and offer alternatives or make qualified suggestions to your hired company or individual. Under our guidance your company can make significant difference in performance. Additionally, corporate companies make different purchases of technology equipment without knowing the exact functionality of the equipment. Computer purchase one of the examples of such purchase. In most cases companies end up owning expensive equipments that they dont need. eAhead can make these assessments and give you the different cost effective and appropriate equipments to purchase.

Small and Mid size business consultancy

  • The use of appropriate technology in our time creates business opportunities, reduce cost of IT investment and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services that a firm provides. This can mean the difference between the leading company in the sector it is involved in. eAhead can consult you on how to properly make use of technology to work in your advantage.

Special Consultancy

Different business sectors need to minimize their cost using technology.

  • Internet Cafes are one such examples. There are many individuals and companies who want to know what technologies are there to make their Internet Cafe to work more efficiently and attract many customers.
  • Another example of such consultancy service revolves around Internet Usage. Many individuals and companies don't know what connection options they have and therefore end up paying more for the kind of service they want or end up not having what they wanted at all.
  • Individuals and/or Companies that want to have their website up and running need to know what kind of technology they should use, who their target audience are, how their websites' presence can be felt on the net.

eAhead offers such variety of consultancy services to make your technology needs come true.

Developers and Students Consultancy

  • eAhead offers free consultancy service for student in the technology area that need to know anything about the industry and technology in general. Developers are also welcome to come and consult with us on any subject they want, new IT business, collaboration works, Software companies etc...

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